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Alpha Strategies

Technidex will focus on specialized analysis to design Investment & Trading Strategies while neutralizing the general risks associated with stock market investing.

Under normal market conditions, Investment strategies will be designed with assets (equity, commodity, currency) that are traded in spot & futures segment simultaneously to facilitate hedging. Portfolios will normally be created based on the specialized analysis by our research team & backed with reasonable amount of back-testing. We will carry out detailed analysis of the trends & correlations between activities of large domestic & foreign players, inflows & out-flows, fluctuation in currency, interest rates & other economic indicators. Based on the result, we will design strategies & structure portfolios with an attempt to minimize market risk.

Trading strategies will mainly be based on analysis based on our automated statistical analysis models using futures & options and their underlying assets, once again, with reasonable amount of successful back-testing.

Portfolios will be created to implement our strategies, based on activities of large players, economic indicators & analysis by our proprietary automated models, attempting to outperform popular Indian equity benchmarks with hedging capabilities.

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