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Prediction of price movements in the stock market is generally believed to be a very difficult task. It is normally assumed that prices reflect all available information and only new information causes change in security prices. As arrival of new information is unpredictable, prices appear to be randomly generated. Consequently, it is not possible to consistently earn excess returns using available information.

We have attempted to ensure our subscribers are well-equipped in all segments before they commence trading / investing. Our reports, when used collectively ensure that the subscriber can arrive at a reasonable deduction because we believe market moves may often be predicted by the correct and timely use of indicators.

As a subscriber to Technidex Research, you will receive the following reports everyday:

• Technidex Daily Stock Monitor;

• Technidex Index Scoreboard;

• Technidex Futuristic Insight;

• Technidex Derivative Scoreboard.

Subscription Note

Subscription Note

Subscription Document

Subscription Document

Subscription Procedure & Payment Details:

1. Send us the duly signed & completed Subscription Document alongwith attested documents;

2. Draw a Cheque / Pay-order or Demand Draft (mandatory for subscribers outside Mumbai) for the selected scheme in favor of “Navin Agrawal

3. Mention the following details on the back of the Cheque / Pay-order or the Demand Draft:

a) Name (As mentioned in your KYC form)

b) Your email address (As mentioned in your KYC form)

c) Your mobile number (As mentioned in your KYC form)

d) Scheme Name (Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly)

4. Courier the Cheque / Pay-order / Demand Draft (alongwith duly completed & signed form) to:

Navin Agrawal – 52 Venus Apartments, A. Soares Road, Chembur, Mumbai 400071

5. Your account will be activated and the details will be sent to your email address on realization of your Cheque / Pay-order / Demand Draft.

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