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Technidex Index updates

Trade Date: November 17, 2014

Technidex Stock Futures Index© closed UP 0.71% at 3781.50. The index gained 26.51 points over its previous close. Technidex Underlying Stock Index© closed UP 0.74% at 3867.89. The index gained 28.50 points over its previous close. Technidex CoC Indicator© was at a premium of 11.16%. Premium increased 1.15% over previous day’s premium. Technidex Delivery Indicator© was at 44.52%. It decreased 1.57% over previous day. Open Interest of Technidex Stock Futures Index© increased Rs. 637.74 crore to Rs. 42512.29 crore. Open Interest Shares increased 0.72% to 1395.08 million shares.


Technidex Stock Futures Index© update

Technidex Stock Futures Index update

Technidex Underlying Stock Index© Score-board

Scoreboard - Technidex

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