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  • Our proprietary computer model is real-time and analyses the price movements, volume changes and computes its own indicators, averages, important levels & price bands to analyze market statistics. These are calculated on a continuous & rolling basis to eliminate faulty analysis on account of truncated week / month or analysis carried out in the middle of the week / month;
  • Back-testing lets you test pre-built trading strategies under historical market conditions to determine whether certain scenarios would have worked well in the past. The idea is that if a trading strategy would have performed well previously, it may be worth considering today;
  • Our proprietary computer model has been successfully put through rigorous back-testing over long periods to test the success of the system and its analysis at different periods and in different market conditions. Thus, the system has been successfully tested through several bull & bear phases;
  • As a rule, the system will always have to be either LONG or SHORT 1 share at the end of the day. We continue being LONG till the system is in BUY mode and stay SHORT till it is in SELL mode. As soon as the call changes from BUY to SELL or vice versa, we reverse the existing position and create an opposite position. The prices “Long @” or “Short @” of Trading, Short Term & Investment Position in the reports are the residual prices after factoring in the profit / loss of all trades right from the first trade.



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