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What We Do

Develop Indexes

Technidex Stock Futures Indexes© are the first indexes to be truly representing the futures segment, based on the futures’ open interest and not on the market cap. Contrary to the standard practice of the index future being based on the underlying, our underlying index is based on the weights in futures’ index. Technidex Stock Futures Indexes© are an ideal bench-mark for tradable exposure to Indian stock futures & their underlying stocks.

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Automated Analysis

Our approach is analytic, using proprietary computer models to develop highly specialized automated solutions. We do not directly use fundamental analysis. Our real-time models propose a novel method for automatic stock analysis which combines statistical data and some well known tools of technical analysis. Our first & foremost objective is to study the feasibility of the practical use of an intelligent prediction system exclusively based on the history of daily stock prices and volumes.

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Alpha Strategies

Technidex will focus on specialized analysis to design Trading & Investment Strategies while neutralizing the general risks associated with stock market investing. Strategies & portfolios (Long only and Long – Short) will be created based on Technidex Stock Futures Index and on specialized research & outputs from our automated computer models and will be backed with reasonable amount of back-testing.

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