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Our Objectives

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Our Objectives

  • To provide continuous & real-time analysis for absolute (positive) capital appreciation in all market environments, by outperforming popular Indian equity benchmarks or the underlying equity / commodity / currency;
  • To provide analysis & outlook on existing portfolio of equities, derivative instruments, commodities & currencies;
  • To provide trading / investment strategies and to structure portfolios with an attempt to outperform the market.

Our Analysis Process

  • Technical Analysis is essentially a graphical analysis of crowd psychology needing knowledge, expertise & experience to make the right call;
  • It is our attempt to make this complex study simple, mechanical & unbiased;
  • Our research efforts are to understand market behavior with a single tool for analyzing a stock, an index, a commodity, a currency and even a portfolio;
  • Our proprietary computer model provides a very specialized Technical Analysis – real-time Statistical Analysis. We believe changes in fundamentals will be visible through technical analysis;

Our Methodology

  • Markets are continuously indicating of what to expect in the coming days – We have to identify indicators, select stocks and plan entry & exit;
  • Our proprietary computer model is real-time, analyses price movements & volumes, computes its own indicators, averages, important levels & price bands on a continuous & rolling basis to eliminate truncated week / month analysis;
  • Points are awarded, stocks & sectors are ranked to filter strong & weak stocks / sectors with zero manual intervention;
  • Analysis is carried out simultaneously for trading, short, medium & long term.

Our Success Mantra

  • Back-testing lets you test pre-built trading strategies under historical market conditions to determine whether certain scenarios would have worked well in the past. The idea is that if a trading strategy would have performed well previously, it may be worth considering today;
  • Successful rigorous back-testing of proprietary computer model over long periods (stocks > 10 years, indexes, commodities & currencies > 15 years) during different market conditions;
  • Successfully = Outperforming underlying on atleast 70% days by atleast 80% of stocks / indexes that have been back-tested;
  • Out-performance calculated on T+1 day, T+5 days, T+10 days.

Our Analytic Reports

  • Simple, Concise, Precise & Unbiased;
  • Summarize performance statistics, strength / weakness & deductions;
  • Selects the Best Buys & Sells for trading, short, medium & long term;
  • Detailed analysis for trading, short, medium & long term to complete the report;
  • Detailed analysis of institutional activity – structure portfolio / strategies to outperform the Benchmark Indexes with minimal market risk;
  • Analysis of institutional investors’ portfolios & holdings;

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