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Company Profile

Navin has conceptualized, designed and executed Technidex Capital Advisors, offering specialized products – stock market indexes, advisory services with structured strategies, real-time automated analytic models & specialized reports.

Technidex™ has launched Technidex Stock Futures Index© alongwith Technidex Underlying Stock Index©, CoC & Delivery Indicator© (Copyright 2012 protected) with a base of 2006. Technidex’s proprietary automated models have been successfully back-tested on stocks, global indexes, commodities & currencies. The specialized reports have proved how conventional stock broking, research & fund management methods are less relevant today and hint at a shift to alternate research and a growing demand for specialized products.

Technidex Stock Futures Index© is an ideal bench-mark for tradable exposure to Indian stock futures and is an attractive derivative instrument for listing on Stock Exchanges. Unique construction & computation methodology, superior performance (compared to Nifty & Sensex) across time horizons, stable share-holder profile and highly liquid index components will encourage increased trading activity in the instrument, resulting in higher turnover & revenue for the Stock Exchange which structures & lists it for trading.

Our approach is analytic, using proprietary computer models to develop highly specialized solutions. Our success comes from our long experience and nearly two decades of innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with our network of senior-level relationships at some of the largest public & private sector institutions, funds, insurance companies & banks.

Technidex will focus on developing stock market indexes using documented (proprietary) Index Construction & Computation Methodology and analyze the markets differently. Technidex Stock Futures Indexes are the first open interest based indexes to be truly representing the futures segment. The Methodology is proprietary & Copyright protected.

Technidex does not directly use fundamental analysis.  Instead we focus on specialized technical analysis – Statistical Analysis.  Our proprietary automated, real-time market analytic models have minimum manual intervention wherein the constituents of any index, a complete portfolio or a large number of stocks can be analyzed simultaneously on real-time and the output report is completely neutral & unbiased. Technidex’s automated computer models analyze the spot, futures & options segments and have outperformed Global & Indian stock indexes, stocks, currencies & commodities over 10 – 30 years.

Technidex will focus on specialized analysis to design Trading & Investment Strategies while neutralizing the general risks associated with stock market investing. Portfolios will be constructed to implement our strategies based on proprietary models with hedging capabilities. Technidex’s market neutral strategies have outperformed the underlying assets & benchmark indexes with structured Long Only and Long – Short Portfolios for Short and Long Terms.

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